Friday, July 22, 2005

(U-F) Smith ranked No. 6

Murray Smith, the candidate for United Future in Hutt South, and current list MP, has been ranked No. 6 on the UF Party List

Party List and Press Release

(Destiny) Hutt South Candidate No. 9 on Party List

The Hutt South candidate for Destiny New Zealand, David Knight, has been ranked No. 9 on the party list.

Party List and Press Release

(Destiny) Protecting Families From Invasion

With the news this week that Lower Hutt father was forced to vigorously defend his wife and four daughters from armed intruders, Destiny New Zealand Hutt South candidate David Knight, says it is time to take law and orderseriously.

"Families must be protected and empowered and our homes must be safe, "says Mr Knight. "While major political parties have been busy arguing aboutelection dates, people in Lower Hutt have been terrorised in their own homes."

Destiny New Zealand's key message is that the principles of law and orderalways begin in the home.

"To protect our families and to ensure justice is not only done, but is seen to be done, Destiny New Zealand will increase the size of our front line police force by 500 immediately," said Mr Knight. "We will then add more front line staff until we achieve police to population ratio parity with other western nations."

The public of New Zealand have become increasingly frustrated with police seeming to focus on ticket quotas while being under resourced on the frontlines. "Our police officers are good men and women. We just need more of them," said Mr Knight.

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