Friday, June 17, 2005

(Greens) Greens candidate announced

Paul Bruce has been selected as the Greens candidate for Hutt South.

(Greens) Better Public Transport and cycle facilities for Hutt South

"A passion about the need for a better public transport system and cycle facilities, and a strong desire to help the development of a sustainable energy system for New Zealand were two key factors in my decision to stand for Parliament" said Mr Paul Bruce, after being selected as the Green party candidate for the Hutt South electorate. Paul is also ranked 18th on the Green list.

Paul Bruce, a Meteorologist with MetService, told the selection meeting that he would be delighted to help campaign for the Green party vote in the Hutt. "Hutt South is a very positive and forward looking electorate and I believe that my positive vision of the future will help me to support the many clean, green and sustainable local business developments" he said.

"I am particularly concerned at the long term public health effects from the lead pollution from the Exide factory in Petone, said Mr Bruce. "The contamination levels on adjacent properties are reported to be 30 times WHO safety levels for human health. This situation is not acceptable and I strongly support the residents' petition which calls for closure of this plant until appropriate health and safety measures are in place.

Mr Bruce said that there were also real threats to the New Zealand economy from rising oil prices, climate change and pollution. "I am a strong supporter of the Hutt looking for opportunities to become self reliant in electricity if it took advantage of some of the excellent sites for wind turbines. But it is important that these turbines are in the right places" he said.

Retrofitting buildings to make them energy efficient would reduce costs to business and home owners. In addition, large amounts of waste wood from the regional forests could be converted into bio-fuels.

Paul Bruce, a cyclist, also argues for an integrated public transport system, with significant investment in rail, public transport and cycling facilities before going ahead with the big roading schemes. Mr Bruce said that just shifting 10% of people out of their cars onto rail or buses would reduce congestion on the roads. However, services need to be made more convenient and reliable with prices reduced to make that happen.

(U-F) United Future Hutt South campaign launch

United Future Hutt South campaign launch
with Hon Peter Dunne MP and Murray Smith MP

Friday 24th June
Life City Church, Parkway, Wainuiomata
7pm start

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

(ACT) Electorate Dinner with Stephen Franks and Greg Newbold

Hutt South Electorate Dinner

Greg Newbold, criminologist, on "Controlling the Drug Problem"
Stephen Franks, MP and Wellington Central candidate, on "Transparent Justice"

Petone Workingmens Club, 47 Udy Street, Petone
7pm, Thursday 16th June
$45 per ticket
RSVP ASAP to Lindsay Mitchell, 562 7944

Monday, June 13, 2005

(ACT) Mitchell ranked No. 10 on ACT Party List

From the ACT press release:

ACT President Catherine Judd today announced the party’s list for the upcoming election.
ACT’s list is as follows :
1. Rodney Hide
2. Heather Roy
3. Muriel Newman
4. Stephen Franks
5. Graham Scott
6. Ken Shirley
7. Kenneth Wang
8. Gerry Eckhoff
9. Andy Poulsen
10. Lindsay Mitchell
11. Bronny Jacobson
12. Simon Ewing-Jarvie
13. Jo Giles
14. Willie Martin
15. David Olsen

(Misc) Former Pencarrow MP Sonja Davies dies

Former Pencarrow MP Sonja Davies died yesterday (June 12), aged 81.

Mrs Davies was the Member of Parliament for Pencarrow from 1987 to 1993. The Pencarrow electorate formed the base of the current Hutt South electorate, which was created at the MMP reappointment.

All those involved with this site wish to pass on their condolances to her friends and family.

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