Saturday, May 28, 2005

(National) Walking Wainui

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National candidate for Hutt South Rosemarie Thomas and National MP John Carter could be seen out walking the streets of Wainuiomata earlier this week. The pair were visiting business in the area and paying a visit to Coast Road's Rimutaka Forest Park to look at solutions for flooding in the area. Ms Thomas is one of three candidates standing for the Hutt South ward in this year's general election. She says she has had a great responce from the community and hopes to represent them as the Hutt South MP.

Friday, May 27, 2005

(Libertarianz) Phlip Howison ranked 13th on Party List

From PR on Scoop:


Libertarianz anounce party list

"A proud array of talented people committed to more freedom and less government" is how Libertarianz Leader Bernard Darnton described the launch of the Libertarianz party list today.

"I am privileged to lead a team of men and women of different backgrounds from all over the country willing to stand up for freedom. Unlike other politicians, they don't want to milk the gravy train of Parliament to run your life, take your money and make you do what they want. They want to set you free, to give you back your tax money, get rid of pointless interfering laws and bureaucrats and let peaceful people live their lives free from government interference. They want government focused on protecting you from theft, rape, murder and vandalism, not undertaking those activities
against its citizens."

"Electing these people is the only way you can be sure that the next Parliament will roll back the state, dramatically cut taxation, eliminate unnecessary regulation and slash bureaucracy," says Darnton. "Libertarianz is the only party of liberty, the only party committed to less government in all aspects of life."

"Vote Libertarianz for your party vote and send a message to Parliament that your life IS your own."

Full candidate bios can be found at

1. Bernard Darnton
2. Julian Pistorius
3. Tim Wikiriwhi
4. Susan Ryder
5. Peter Cresswell
6. Colin Cross
7. Helen Hughes
8. Sally O'Brien
9. Russell Watkins
10. Peter Linton
11. Mike Webber
12. Robin Thomsen
13. Phil Howison
14. Michael Murphy
15. Tina White
16. Andrew Bates
17. Richard Goode
18. Luke Howison
19. Rob Bedingfield
20. Mike Gordge
21. Chris Robertson
22. Peter Osborne
23. Barry Cole
24. Don Rowberry
25. Wim Verhoeven
26. Elliot Smith
27. Nik Haden
28. Terry Verhoeven
29. Robert Palmer

"It's Enough to Make You Vote Libertarianz!"