Friday, May 13, 2005

(National) It's time for Mallard to go

It's time for Mallard to go
10 May 2005 - 19:20 - Rosemarie Thomas

Spineless Mallard sat on his hands over Wananga:
National Party candidate for Hutt South, Rosemarie Thomas has called on the resignation of Trevor Mallard as Education Minister after documents obtained by Bill English show that Trevor Mallard has been so well briefed on the financial problems at Te Wänanga o Aotearoa that he probably knows more about them than the wananga's own officials.

Mr Mallard:
- Has received weekly briefings on the wänanga (since 2003).
- Had access to at least 25 audits, checks and investigations into goings-on at the wänanga.
- Appointed a consultant on a $120,000 contract to advise him on its financial matters (in addition to advice no doubt given by his mate, and top Labour candidate, Shane Jones who is on the wananga's Audit and Risk committee.
- Had two of his Chief Executives (NZQA and Ministry of Education) meet with wänanga officials on a regular basis

Either he chose to ignore the millions of dollars of advice he received (and that taxpayers paid for) or he was just too scared to act on it because of the Maori politics within the Labour Party.

NCEA: Mallard blames everyone but himself

The report of the State Services Commission into the scholarship shambles is an indictment on Trevor Mallard's leadership of the Ministry of Education.

Mr Mallard has been quick to point the finger at his officials, with NZQA chairman Graeme Fraser resigning immediately after the report's release, Karyn van Royen (NZQA Chief Executive) on very shaky ground, and the Secretary of Education also looking to be in the firing line. Mr Mallard seems to have forgotten that these people report to him and, in a Westminster democracy, he has overall responsibility for them.

"It's time for Mallard to go. It has been incredible to think that he has been able to blame everyone else except himself." Rosemarie Thomas says.