Friday, March 25, 2005

(ACT) Meet and Greet evening with local candidates

ACT are holding a 'Meet the MPs' evening with Heather Roy (Ohariu-Belmont) and Stephen Franks (Wellington Central) joining local candidate Lindsay Mitchell.

Details of the event are availiable on the ACT page.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

(Media/U-F) Smith says it's United vs Labour

(Wainuiomata News, 24 March)

The 2005 general election contest for the Hutt South electorate vote is likely to be a two-horse race as two local members of parliament go head to head, United Future MP Murray Smith says.

List MP Mr Smith, the United Future candidate for Hutt South, says that although in the past Labour and National had dominated the electorate vote outcomes, voters were coming to realise that electorate votes were irrelevant in determining who the Government will be.

He says the electorate candidate's party affiliation was far less important than electing the person who would achieve the most for the region. It is in this regard that Mr Smith believes he has a far better track record than Labour MP Trevor Mallard.

"It is essential if the Hutt Valley is to resolve its problems, grow and bring greater prosperity to all its citizens, there needs to be a close working relationship between its local Government and national Government representatives," Mr Smith says.

Mr Smith believes Mr Mallard has kept away from council and as far as Mr Smith is aware has never sat down and talked about issues with either the former mayor John Terris or current mayor David Ogden.

Current Hutt South MP and Wainuiomata resident Trevor Mallard says he is confident the people of Hutt South will make the right decision for them when it comes to election time.

"I will not respond to inaccurate and personal attacks from Mr Smith during this campaign.

"I trust the voters of Hutt South to decide who will be the most effective MP to represent them."

Elections for electorates will take place in September this year.