Friday, July 29, 2005

(Destiny) Promoting Business - Promoting Family

Destiny: Promoting Business Promotes Family

Destiny New Zealand candidate for Hutt South, David Knight outlined their
Business Policy at a Development Wainuiomata breakfast this morning.

"97% of businesses in New Zealand employ less than 20 people. These are
businesses owned by fathers and mothers. They are family businesses. So
when they prosper, families prosper," said Mr Knight

According to Mr Knight, Destiny New Zealand wants to foster an environment
of incentive, reward and celebration for successful New Zealand businesses.
"First we will tackle the obvious. Lower the business and personal tax
rates and reduce compliance costs to keep the wealth in the home. But we
are next generation minded and we want to raise a generation of wealth
creators through the introduction of money management skills, and 'how to
start and run a successful business' courses into the school curriculum. We
also have a vision for 'Young Entrepreneurs Colleges' to maximise the
entrepreneurial potential of the next generation."

The meeting was attended by about 50 local businessmen and women.

Destiny New Zealand's policies can be viewed on