Thursday, September 22, 2005

(U-F) 2005 Electorate Vote

Murray Smith - United Future
Electorate Vote

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(National) 2005 Electorate Vote

Here is the schematic diagram for the electorate votes of the National candidate, Rosemarie Thomas.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

(Labour) 2005 Electorate Votes

The first of a series of schematic maps showing how votes were distributed around the electorate.

Percentage of Votes cast for Trevor Mallard in Individial Booths

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Mallard Wins Hutt South

Trevor Mallard is the MP for Hutt South, with a majority of 5167.

Trevor Mallard (Lab) - 14744
Rosemarie Thomas (Nat) - 9577
Murray Smith (UF) - 1777
Paul Bruce (Greens) - 1489
All other candidates - less than 1000

It looks like Hutt South will have only one MP, with no other candidates getting in via the list.

Results Links

Official Elections NZ Website - Hutt South

Friday, September 16, 2005

(Misc) Where the site will go

Hello from Gareth the editor

The site updates have been slow for a while, I might as well go through what will happen in the next few days

There will be two more news reports coming in as soon as I can get to a scanner, as they are too long to type in. They should be in before I have to stop updating between Midnight and 7pm due to electoral laws.

After 7pm tomorrow, I'll keep the page updated with the link to the Election Results website for Hutt South, and any comments from candidates as I get them.

When I get the booth-by-booth results, I will be putting up a few diagrams showing how each part of the valley voted. I'll get an example up later tonight

Thursday, September 01, 2005

(Media) Meet Your Candidates

“They work for you, we don’t work for them.”

These were the words of Grey Power president Jim Manu at the meet the candidates meeting last week.

He is opposed to the suggestion of some parties to lower taxes, saying they should stay where they are to pay for the things they are supposed to, like education, health and roads. “Give our tax back and you pay more. All we are asking for is fairness and the Government treats us the way we want to be treated because we put them there.”

The candidates lined up at the Wainuiomata Memorial RSA to share their plans and achievements.

National candidate Rosemarie Thomas says wastage is rampant in Government. “National stands for all New Zealanders to be given assistance on the basis of need, not because they fall into some group…”

ACT candidate Lindsay Mitchell kept it simple and spoke on one issue – the welfare system. “Nobody capable of working should be able to spend a life time on a benefit.”

Green candidate Paul Bruce wants more money to be invested in our own country and the issue of energy to be addressed so we can be sustainable. “We all must become indigenous to the land and live our lives at one with nature”.

Maori Party candidate Maraea Ropata says this is an opportunity for people to work together as partners in the Treaty of Waitangi as it was intended. “It’s 2005 and we are still in a mess”.

Labour candidate Trevor Mallard spoke mainly of his party’s policies. Labour wants to get the price of doctors’ bills down, rates rebates, more cataract operations and hip and knee replacements, give people an opportunity to pay off their student loans and buy their first house.

United Future candidate Murray Smith says his party has a partnership with Labour that is second to none, leading to a stable Government. “We believe if you have got strong families, you will have a strong country.”

Destiny NZ candidate David Knight spoke of the importance of the nuclear family, how detrimental it is if strong ties do not exist and in the increase of welfare dependency. “We exist because we believe so much in families”.

NZ First candidate Howard Levarko says his party cares about protecting the New Zealand way of life. He spoke of reduced medical costs, no further privitisation, greater recognition of volunteers, removal of income testing of long-stay care, review of driver’s licence renewal and a review of law and courts.

The Alliance candidate (for Wellington Central, not Hutt South – ed) Kane O’Connell says our country needs to be transformed so everyone benefits and spoke of public ownership of gas, water and electricity. “New Zealand is a rich country with too many poor people in it.”

Libertarianz candidate Phil Howison was the youngest of the bunch at just 19. He spoke of a society which believes that people can run their own life, and that big Government is the enemy of that. “More freedom and less Government.”

For more information on the election and voting, go to

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Upcoming Meetings 23/8 - 8/9

Tuesday 23 August
Meet the Candidates / Catholic Womens League
Little Theatre
Hutt City
Christina Dwyers
Ph 566 3390

Wednesday 24 August
1.30 – 4.30pm
Wainuiomata Grey Power
Edna McGuire
Ph 564 7132

Tuesday 30 August
Meet the Candidates Epuni Baptist
Little Theatre
Hutt City
Kay McKenzie
Ph 567 5732

Wednesday 31 August
7.00 – 8.30am
Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce
Angus Inn
Hutt City
Liz Smith
Ph 939 9821

Thursday 8 September
Maxim Meet the Candidates
Wainuiomata Intermediate
Konini Street
John Tovey
Ph 564 1323

(NZ First) NZ First Hutt South candidate named

New Zealand First has named Howard Levarko as their candidate for Hutt South. Mr Levarko is No. 36 on the NZ First Party list.

Press Release - Scoop

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

(Libertarianz) 'NCEA Victim' to Bring Home Mallard's Chickens

Hutt South Campaign

'NCEA Victim' to Bring Home Mallard's Chickens

Eighteen-year-old Phil Howison launches his campaign today against Education
Minister Trevor Mallard in the seat of Hutt South. Libertarianz candidate
Howison says he is "a victim of the NCEA" and is "now free and running for
Parliament with one mission: to get the government out of education."

"State education is one of the worst violations of our rights in existence,"
Howison says. "My experience in the government's factory schools has
convinced me that education is too important to be left to the government.
Government schools are ineffective, unpleasant, and wasteful."

Phil Howison's proposed solution is the complete separation of school and
state - he would give schools back to parents and teachers, removing all
central controls. "Your children are not the property of Helen Clark or
Trevor Mallard. Why shouldn't YOU decide where and how they are educated?"
he asks. "Government-controlled education is the enemy of diversity,
independent thought and initiative. A greater variety of schools -
voluntary, independent, alternative schools - will enable happier, more
highly-achieving students, with education tailored for their needs and
situation, and schools where they are respected."

Phil Howison flays Trevor Mallard's performance as Education Minister. "As a
victim of the NCEA - invented by National and introduced by Labour - I know
what the problems with it are," says Howison. "The NCEA hides failure by
making achievement meaningless. The scholarship exam problems, and Mallard's
attempted cover-up, were disgraceful but entirely predictable."

The Libertarianz candidate won't stop with education, though. "Government
mismanagement of functions such as health and transport also threatens us.
Government policies such as taxation and drug prohibition are outrageous
violations of our liberties. Libertarianz pledge to trim the government back
to the most limited role - as a guardian of our freedom: providing a justice
system, police force and defence force."

It's Enough to Make You Vote Libertarianz!

To listen to this press release, click here: